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Transfer your Video tapes to DVD and Blu-Ray

DVD is the most popular method of viewing video on domestic TV's. With the advent of cheaper DVD players it would make sense to convert your taped tv memories to a DVD disk that will last at least 100 years. All these tape stored video pictures will deteriorate rapidly after 20 years and 30 years is the maximum life expectancy. Pick up the phone now!

Ring 01759 368849 now...

Your tapes will be transferred to DVD-R with the minimum amount of fuss. We can convert from several different formats including BetaSP, U-matic, VHS, BetaMAX, DV, Mini-DV (HD & SD) and DV-Cam. Mini-DV and DV-Cam give the best results.

We highly recommend that the best quality recording available is sent, even if this means you asking the originator for the master tape. The quality of copies depends on the quality of this master as DVD's are a perfect clone of the master tape.

The disk is then authored to your own specifications within 48 hours and returned to you along with your master tape within a few days. The DVD disk can then be played on either your computer DVD drive or most desktop DVD players. The menus we program allow you to skip quickly from section to section.

  • Transfers are done on sophisticated computer systems, not using domestic recordable DVD players which have disappointing results and no control over the menu page.
  • Just ring our telephone number and discuss your project with our experienced engineers.
  • We have over 25 years of experience in the Media field.
  • Money back guarantee if not satisfied.

The price list below shows two rates of transfer for the first ten minutes of your tape. The first column shows the authoring cost with no menu. Menus are the selectable on-screen buttons which enable you to skip quickly between sections on the DVD disk. Whereas the second column shows the cost of a 9 chaptered single menu. If you require other combinations please call us for a price.

Price List

Source Tape (PAL)

First Disk Authoring Charge and initial 10mins

(No menu)

Authoring Charge and initial 10 mins

Up to 9 chapters - in 1 Menu

Price per minute after first 10 minutes
Other types

All charges are ex VAT

What to do?

Just ring TV Memories on 01759 368849 and ask for the DVD transfer department.

Ideal for wedding, sporting, musical, family or corporate videos. . .

Ideal for corporate, wedding or music videos...

Ask about our design and print service for the DVD storage box, and also our duplication service for multiple copies off - which can be as cheap as £8 each! For further details on DVD multiple replication please send us an e-mail by clicking here.

  • Please note that Adult material is unwelcome
  • We cannot transfer copyright material without the written permission of the copyright holder